Animatic Builder Development Continues

Animatic Builder Development Continues - Auth: Whitney Krape

The Redesigned Animatic Builder timeline. - Auth: Whitney KrapeThe Redesigned Animatic Builder timeline.

During the past few weeks I have been diligently updating Animatic Builder with new features and a completely new interface. Overall the main idea of the App hasn’t changed; building and maintaining a sequence over a range of any internet connected devices. What in the release makes that goal easier? Quite a bit.

From the start the whole App has been rebuilt with an AJAX, or asynchronous, connection so the user can modify the sequence without the delay of reloading page each time a change needs to be saved. Every on page change is made once a user focuses away from a changeable element. As well, each change effects the sequence immediately so a duration takes effect right as it is made.

The playback system has changed drastically as well. The most obvious alteration is the introduction of a self-centering elastic layout which keeps the current frame in the center of a browser window and when the browser is re-sized the whole layout expands around it to any size. Continue reading “Animatic Builder Development Continues”

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