Hi, my name is Whitney Krape.

I am fascinated by art in action.

The process of conceptualizing, structuring, then crafting the pieces of a story continues to drive my daily drawing, coding, animation, and building.

Illustration of my ~400 mile hike through Japan as drawn by my wife, Allie.

From simple pencil animation tests to the engrossing film effects of Industrial Light and Magic, I have always sought opportunities to create interactive art. I started my career in animation but have since moved into web development.

Currently my day-to-day work is front-end layout and back-end API development. I started learning web development with unframed PHP, MySQL, and HTML before quickly transitioning to WordPress. WordPress has been my primary CMS for the past 10 years but have also added SASS, React, Mongo, and other CMSs to my regular use. Though web development is main focus, I continue use animation both as planning and illustration for projects and planning for infrastructure upgrades. I recently completed building an accessory structure for 4.8 kW of solar, added 9.6 kW of car charging, and managed the addition of ~15 kW of heat pumps as part of the efforts to bring a 1960s built home to modern comfort, reduced maintenance, and reduced energy needs.

After graduating from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, I began working as an animator and editor at Black Watch Productions in New York City. Looking to add more coding depth to my early experiments in web design, I moved back to Philadelphia to work as a eCommerce designer and developer. Since going freelance in 2013 I’ve built dozens of sites of all sizes from all purpose industrial sites for millions of users to individual user blogs through my company Form Function IO.

Along with my freelance work I made time to help with food insecurity efforts first serving meals, then planning funding with Broad Street Ministry. After helping with these efforts for several years I was joined the board of Challah for Hunger and help expand the mission of the nationwide college network. For 5 years I helped plan video production efforts, build more engaging web presences, and guided the evolution of the organization in coordination, with the other members, opening programs to more and more people.

In addition to the more 9-5 work I continue to work on start ups focused on music, analytics, and infrastructure. Among these are NYCrophone (recently rebranded), a music experience centered around talent from all music styles and backgrounds but all with soul exuding from every track.

Over the past 2 years I have built several solar systems, medium (240) voltage and low voltage DC and AC systems following American NEC and using British safe isolation standards. I am currently looking at ways of a combining my many years of project management and coding experience to planning and building energy infrastructure and sustainability.