Simple Camera Projection in Blender (Testing Version 01)

Camera Mapping and Image Projection are very common in 3D to either alter a 3D space with a photo or match digital elements to a photo. There are probably better ways to do this but parenting an object to a camera isn’t a bad start. Map a texture to a plane, parent the plane to the camera, and update the camera focal length to the photo. Simple, probably still had some distortion but workable for a quick pass.

Quick Texture Settings

Add an image, alpha, make sure to set the alpha blend.

Parent the Plane to the Camera

Placing the image right up against the camera makes it easier to remove distortion later.

Move the Camera into Place

Here’s the tricky part. Any difference in the object size, focal length, or other camera distortion will stand out quickly but, unless the goal is a final render, the projection can be helpful for a simple design or setup.

Ultimately the design doesn’t work but building the quick projection at least helped vet out the idea. While using an object for the camera projection allows for some great customization, there are probably some better methods using UV projection.

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