Fix Facebook Fix Plugin and Facebook Meta Data

There is an awesome plugin out there which fixes errors that can crop up with incomplete Facebook Meta Data. Basically when Facebook goes to submit a Like they attach a lot of information to it such as a description, link, type, so on. This data is what ends up in Facebook Insights (among other places I am sure) and is generally used to categorize the information. What Fix Facebook Like does is rebuild that data, which can be outputted wrong from WordPress.

There is a small issue with the plugin though, it comes down to the Type field used by Facebook, “og:type.” If this “og:type” is wrong Facebook considers it a showstopper and the Like system breaks. The plugin fills this out automatically and every now and then hits an “og:type” Facebook doesn’t recognize and everything grinds to a halt. The easiest fix is to go into the PHP for the Fix Facebook Like and remove the line:
< meta property="og:type" content="" />

Removing the line means Facebook will try and figure out the type on it’s own. Alternatively you can look up the “og:type” and fill it out manually, there is a site here that will do just that for you. The modified plugin means all your Likes will go through and have the proper meta information with them!

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