Looking for just the right Focus Timer: For breaks

The Pomodoro Technique is a well known and widely used way of training your mind to focus on the task at hand. Lately, I’m using it more and more as a way of taking better breaks. Without a timer, I find myself continuing to work on a problem for far too long without stepping away to … Continue reading Looking for just the right Focus Timer: For breaks

Why use SQLite with Laravel

At first, it wasn’t immediately obvious why to use SQLite, over MySQL, with Laravel but a couple good cases have come up. For AnimaticBuilder, since a robust user database setup isn’t needed just yet, SQLite works great since it’s fast, portable, and easily versioned. Even later, when a user database is needed, individual SQLite databases … Continue reading Why use SQLite with Laravel

WordPress 4.4 Sidebar Naming

With WordPress 4.4 rolling out a few issues have come up around sidebars and widgets but one fix is not immediately obvious. When adding a sidebar, the naming previously was not case sensitive but it is now. The example below would not work: register_sidebar(array( ‘name’=>’Homepage Widget’, ‘description’ => ‘Main Area on the Homepage’, ‘id’ => ‘homepage’, … Continue reading WordPress 4.4 Sidebar Naming

Want to learn Laravel? Tear apart Illuminate

There are any number of ways to learn Laravel. From the documentation right on laravel.com to the very complete tutorials over at Laracasts.com but there is also great way to learn the basics bundled in the install. Navigate to /vendors/laravel/src/framework/illuminate and dig into the modules that form the key functionality included in the original configuration. … Continue reading Want to learn Laravel? Tear apart Illuminate

Pocket Cinema to Blog via Macbook Air

Video adds engagement to websites and by providing an immediate look into your content, even before reading the page. You know this because you’re reading this after watching the loop above. Producing quality video quickly can be difficult but with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and a MacBook Air, both of which are relatively inexpensive, portable, and surprisingly powerful for their respective categories, quality video can be shot and edited on the go. Below is how to shoot RAW or ProRes on the BMPCC then edit, grade, and get it on a website with a MacBook Air. Continue reading Private: Pocket Cinema to Blog via Macbook Air

Laravel and JQuery: Don’t Abuse GET

jQuery and Laravel are amazing libraries and frameworks but they don’t always inspire the best practices. Recently when building a basic app I made a fairly amateurish error without even realizing it at first. In building a simple Create/Edit route I used the Route::resource as a shortcut and for making AJAX requests to the route … Continue reading Laravel and JQuery: Don’t Abuse GET