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  • Blender Network Rendering: Revisited – Prism

    Blender Network Rendering: Revisited – Prism

    Almost 10 years ago I built a small basement render farm with a few spare PCs to speed up renders. However, planning and pre-production ended up being far more difficult than rendering. Since I’ve returned to animation I’ve mostly been working in 2D, which is far less render intensive, but a recent 3D project revived…

  • Want to learn Laravel? Tear apart Illuminate

    There are any number of ways to learn Laravel. From the documentation right on to the very complete tutorials over at but there is also great way to learn the basics bundled in the install. Navigate to /vendors/laravel/src/framework/illuminate and dig into the modules that form the key functionality included in the original configuration.…

  • PhotoShop CS6 and 30 Bit Color

    Thank you Ars Technica for pointing this out.

  • Dynamically generated HTML5 manifests

    Dynamically generated HTML5 manifests

    In the specification for HTML5 several methods for storing data locally are outlined including localStorage and manifests. While building out the offline storage for Animatic Builder, I attempted to keep the stored data dead simple; as in the case of the shot information which is stored as one long JSON string. In this way the…