Author: Whitney Krape

  • Stack jQuery events on elements to avoid delays.

    While building a bit of code for jQuery was acting up when adding a simple mouseover to expand and the event was delayed when the mouse entered the element. To fix this I daisy-chained the events on the element to fix the delays: Delayed animation: $(‘.feature’).mouseenter( function() { $(this).animate({ height: 540 }, ‘fast’, function() {});…

  • VFX and Post in the business of modern filmmaking

    I make a point to know the latest in global politics, news, so on but I have ignored a growing issue in an industry I have been apart of, and hope to be an even bigger part of as a studio owner in Philadelphia, Film Production. Visual Effects and Post Production have gone through monumental changes from…

  • Shikoku Journal – Day 00

    Shikoku Journal – Day 00

    Before my OHenro began, I had to get to Shikoku. I had been in Osaka for a day previous and did a reasonable job navigating around. Fortunately my AirBnB host had given me a WiFi hostspot but without that I was relying on paper maps. On top of that, I was determined to take local…

  • Shikoku OHenro Journal – An overview of the OHenro

    Shikoku OHenro Journal – An overview of the OHenro

    As a start to the new year I will be posting from my journal walking the OHenro in October of 2012. Before I get into my personal experience and photos there is a great video produced by NHK, forwarded to me by a fellow pilgrim, that provides a look at the details and day to…

  • Not keeping a journal after all

    Not keeping a journal after all

    So it turns out WiFi, or any internet, is hard to find in Shikoku so I won’t be keeping a journal. While I’m in Tully’s here in Tokushima I will say this, come here. Period. The people here are amazing, the temples are amazing, the island is amazing.

  • Shikoku Day 1

    Shikoku Day 1

    Just woke up, getting ready to go.