The ongoing search for more and better co-op. If you’re reading this, hopefully you got a giftcard for which to more impulsively try some crazy co-opness. Here are some fun options below, happy to add and explore more options.


Why: Spooky, cheap, different than our standard co-op, potential for backstabbing goodness.
Synopsis: Ghost hunter the TV show only as a game. But intentionally cheesy.
Pros: Inexpensive, early in development but still looks like tons of fun. Easy on the system requirements.
Cons: Rough around the edges. The gameplay loop doesn’t have a ton of variation at the moment (find ghost, go to different location, find spoopier ghost.)

No Man’s Sky

Why: Astroneer, lite? After getting past the initial grind could be crazy fun jetting around the galaxy.
Synopsis: Every tree proceedural, all that.
Pros: Huge, constantly updated game with shooting, building, the works. Potential for single player play.
Cons: Gridy, similar to Astroneer already. Might be work to get to the spacebattling funness. Heavy system requirements or low graphics settings.


Why: More involved, but more variation, spooky, potentially crazy fun.
Synopsis: Submarining while under assault from aliens.
Pros: Very interesting co-operation mechanics, defined roles to be fulfilled, decent if not amazing graphics, very easy on system requirements.
Cons: May be complex without being satisfying.

Among Us

Why: Very inexpensive
Synopsis: You run around fixing things while some of your friends try and sneakily kill you.
Pros: Extra inexpensive, very easy on system requirements.
Cons: We’d need to get at least 8 people to really experience the full depths of betrayal and strategy. The non-social gameplay is very simple.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Why: We fucking loved X-Wing, Tie Fighter, the like, back in the day.
Synopsis: Flying, blowing shit up.
Pros: Gameplay we know and love. Easy to jump into and tear up some Rebel scum. Good single player play.
Cons: Definitely heavier on system requirements. Not too sure what the co-op is like. Gameplay loop may not have a ton of variation.

Generation Zero

Why: Here for D.
Synopsis: You run blowing up robots.
Pros: 3 out of 4 of us have it. We have had some good times in it for sure. Some potential for single player.
Cons: Not the easiest to run. The gameplay loop is literally just shooting robots with some looting as an aperitif. Story is non-existant.



Coming soon…