Hourly noting, really?

Over the past 2 years I’ve become obsessed with noting, every hour of every day. Why? The original reason was meditative. I was trying to see my thoughts and track them from day-to-day. That idea failed pretty badly since words are terrible at communicating thoughts, well my thoughts anyway. What has succeeded though is looking back at how time is spent and understanding if my ideas and plans take place as conceive of. My app of choice has been Evernote but it’s been getting buggier and buggier each release enough that I’m considering switching it out.

The discipline to do the noting was very immediate, it didn’t take too much effort. There are days, very occasionally, when I’ll forget for most of the day but for the most part if the clock is on the hour, at 0900 or 1400 for example, there is a compulsion to write a sentence or even a word that captures that moment. My mind quickly goes “Oh, I should write something.” Many of these writings are fragments but they at least keep the habit going and at least have a glimpse into that moment later.

The act of noting has ended up being more transformative than I thought. However the notes aren’t transformative for their content so much as being a track on what I’m doing each hour, if I’m on track with what is being worked on at the time.

Noting is a practice I plan on continuing. Now sketching, that I’m not sure how to turn into a habit.

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  1. Have you considered using a smart phone to set alerts on the hour and then record a voice memo of your thoughts? Sometimes verbal expression is easier than written, but not always. I dream of a device or app that will download the images in my brain into written words or some combination of images and words. I’m a writer and I struggle with getting the story I see in my mind onto paper or the computer. As for practice, whether it be writing or meditating or anything else, I have yet to figure that one out. If I do, I’ll let you know. :-)

    1. Hi Jill, I appreciate your thoughts! I don’t set an alarm intentionally because it might interrupt the flow of work, or life, and the noting is about recording in the moment than taking a moment to record. I have thought about verbal thoughts but haven’t taken action on it yet. Somehow voice or video feels a bit too serious, words are quicker and easier.

      On the meditation or other daily practice, that will be a toughie but trying a few different avenues seems like a good idea, something is bound to stick.

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